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Hi, I’m Bre Henderson

I have always had a passion for pregnancy, birth, women, children and family. When I became pregnant with my daughter and started considering how I wanted to give birth, I discovered there is so much more than bringing a baby earth side. It was about discovering my own strength, power and believing in myself. I discovered that I too was being born, I was becoming a mother. Through education, and finding my perfect birth team, I had a beautiful, empowering & peaceful labor and delivery. I thank my midwife and doula for the support and assistance in achieving my birth goals and desires.
I am a DONA trained birth doula, working towards my DONA certification. As a doula, my primary focus is assisting my clients and their birth team in achieving their own birth desires. I understand not every birth goes as planned, and believe through education I can assist you in learning your options. I also know each family has their own wishes for birth, I will support your wishes, without judgement, as this is your birth. I am here to be your emotional and physical support during labor and delivery. I believe every woman can have an amazing birth experience. My passion to serve others only grows stronger by the day, and in my heart I know I am here on this earth to make an impact in the birth community.

Hi, I’m Brittan Plante

The term “doula” has come to mean much more to me than just a five-letter word. The more I learn about this work of service and love, the more excited I am to be a part of it! I believe a doula’s role is that of positive, consistent, and warm support for the mother and family. Bringing a new life into the world is a deeply meaningful, important and memorable event. This transition impacts each person involved, including the mother, her partner, the new baby, and their other children and family members. As a doula, I am here to assist mothers and partners in creating an empowering birth and postpartum experience.
I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Family Studies. During this time, I came to love the concept of empowering women as I volunteered with the Rape Crisis team in Utah County. I also spent a year working with mothers, pregnant women, children, and babies in an addiction recovery program. I believe that women are powerful, capable beings and I love to see them reach their potential and achieve their goals.
I am currently working towards my Birth Learning Advanced Doula Certification with the Midwifery College of Utah. I have a deep respect for motherhood and the birthing process, and am humbled by the opportunity to serve laboring women

Hi, I’m Cheyenne Paea

I’ve worked as a medical assistant for 6.5 years and a CNA for one year. I enjoy working with people in the medical field and providing personalized care. After the births of my own children I felt drawn to work with pregnant women. I know that support and preparation can make a world of difference in gaining a positive birth experience. I come from a family rich in heritage surrounding women and birth and want to pass along empowerment to others. I am currently working on my certification as and Certified Advanced Doula through Midwives College of Utah.

Hi, I’m Chris Westergard

I am a medical social worker turned Doula with a master’s degree in social work and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. My passion for birth and mothering came in 2015 when I did a rotation through labor and delivery in three hospitals in the Salt Lake Valley. Since that time, I have attended workshops and training courses focusing on health, wellness, and comforting measures during pregnancy and labor. As a natural born advocate, my goal as your doula is to help you achieve the birth experience you dream of having and to provide you with information and resources during your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. The following are a few skill sets that set me apart as a doula: I have extensive working experience with both trauma and postpartum depression and feel comfortable helping women if or when these issues arise. I have spent six years living overseas and have the utmost cultural sensitivity. Also, I am proficient in American Sign Language, which has been a really positive part of my life. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your partner to discuss how I can be of help during this transformative time for you and your family.

Hi, I’m Kazia Jessop

Growing up in a large family with a strong culture surrounding birth, I came to understand the birth experience as something deeply individualistic, something to be anticipated rather than feared, and perhaps something even magical. With many of the women in my family professionally involved in the world of birth, it felt only natural to pursue a career as a doula, with the goal of one day becoming a hospital midwife.
After attending a volunteer doula workshop at the University of Utah, I began my advanced doula training with Birth Learning doula services.

I believe the process of pregnancy and birth is one of the most transformative journeys we embark on as women, and as such it is my goal to enable women to approach the experience with their unique, innate sense of strength rather than anxiety. My goal is to create an atmosphere of open communication between both expecting parent(s) and medical staff to establish expectations, a means to meet those expectations for the birth experience as closely as possible, and a game plan in the case of alternative or unanticipated situations. Birth is a highly personal event and your experience is your very own–my commitment as a doula is to support and guide you through it.

Hi, I’m Sara Hutchinson

I believe in the power of the mind and breath. I love the choices available to women and their baby’s birth. Recently, a friend of mine invited me to assist her with her birth because of my positive, calm energy. I signed up for a DONA course and fell back in love with the conversation of pregnancy, birth and the power of women. As a doula, I am humbled by the miracle of birth. I am currently working on my Birth Learning Advanced Doula Certification through the Midwives College of Utah. I am a certified yoga instructor, live in Park City and have two beautiful children. I would be honored to discuss your birth wishes and meet you.

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