What Mothers Say About Our Doula Services

We are so thankful for Angie’s amazing support throughout my pregnancy and birth. We always knew we wanted to have a natural childbirth but I honestly can’t imagine having our baby without Angie’s guidance and expertise. She was caring, strong, thoughtful and truly helped make the whole experience even more magical. She is a wonderful person and doula.

Amanda H.

“Robynne was an invaluable resource in my planned home birth. Her expertise as a doula and years of experience allowed her to support me physically, emotionally, and mentally during my 50 hour labor. Robynne has a special gift that enables her to intuitively know what each women needs during each stage. She truly was my saving grace in the most challenging times during my labor and I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her support.”

S. B.

Angie was incredible support leading up to, during and after delivery of our baby girl. She has an intelligence and strength that we were so grateful for when things didn’t go as planned with my birth – and with that she was able to employ skills that avoided me requiring a C-section. Angie helped us prepare with as much confidence as I could have hoped for. If we are lucky enough to have a second baby we will be calling on her again.

Kathy R.

“Having a doula was one of the best choices I ever made toward achieving my goal to have a VBAC. Thank you Robynne for making my dream birth a reality. My husband also raves about you to all his guy friends and recommends you frequently.”

K. Y.

“I remember the relief I felt when you walked through the door. My spirits were lifted and I was ready for round two. I am sure you hear this all the time, but I could not have done it without you. Truly. My body was able to surrender to the pains of labor and you were able to help me ride the waves of surges. You have an amazing gift and I feel blessed that you were able to share it with me and help me.”

S. M.

“My husband and I were fortunate enough to share the birth of our first child with Angie in October of 2011. I hadn’t really thought I was capable of having a natural birth, and Angie deserves so much credit for helping us make that happen. Physically and emotionally, she provided exactly the support I needed to birth our beautiful daughter. And she let my husband relax and enjoy the fun part! It was the most fulfilling and exciting day (and night!) of my life. Now I can’t move out of Utah, because I’m not giving birth without her.

Nicole C.

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