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We provide education and support from some of the most professional and experienced doulas in Utah. Between us there are nearly 30 years and 1,500 births of experience to help you prepare for a positive birth. Doula support often results in less complications and more positive experiences for both mom and dad. We want your birth to be an amazing experience for you. We want to help you be aware of all your options at all times so you can make educated choices. We’ll support and guide you in navigating the labor process as you strive for your ideal birth experience. Allow birth to be the incredible experience it was meant to be.

Childbirth Classes in Salt Lake

for pregnant women and their partners

Advanced Doula Training

Advanced Doula Training in Utah

This training was created by and is taught by some of the most professional and experienced doulas in Utah. Between us there are nearly 30 years and 1,500 births of experience. Our goal is for to you complete the training with enough knowledge and confidence to be able to charge top rate early in your doula career and get you on the road to building a strong clientele base as you embark on a very rewarding journey.

Latest Childbirth & Doula Blog Posts

Choosing a childbirth class

There are many choices when it comes to choosing a childbirth class.  The type of class you choose depends on the type of birth experience you are looking for.  Many hospitals have affordable classes but they often teach generic skills and what to expect in the...

Initial Bonding Time

The first moments after a baby is born are precious bonding time. This baby has just made the most amazing transition any (and every) human being has ever made. If you can imagine what the baby must be thinking; he or she is searching for something familiar. At this...


Fentanyl is a narcotic that is sometimes administered during labor.  It is placed directly into an I.V. so an I.V. access is needed to receive this comfort measure.  One benefit of fentanyl is that it reacts very quickly.  A woman can often feels its effects within...

Pain and Perception

In our society we are generally taught that childbirth is terrifying and painful and therefore something we should be afraid of. This is an unfortunate misconception that is often deeply embedded and certainly not always the case. While it can be incredibly intense it...


SROM stands for “spontaneous release of membranes.”  Unlike the movies, this only happens about 10% of the time before labor has begun.  Some women may experience it as a “pop” followed by an obvious gush of fluid.  Others may experience a slight trickling of fluid...

Fetal Positioning

There is a lot more to the position of the baby than just “head down.”  Knowing the position of your baby can be key in having a successful and comfortable labor and birth.  So much of what is going on during labor is the mother’s body getting the baby into an ideal...

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used during labor to enhance any coping plan. As aromatherapy, it is important to cease the use of oils within about an hour of the baby's birth. Babies are wired to smell their mother, her colostrum, not to smell lavender or peppermint. It is...

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