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Robynne Carter - Birth Learning Doula

Robynne Carter

After extending her support to friends and family during childbirth, Robynne was struck by a profound calling to embark on a doula journey. In 2010, she embraced this calling and became a certified DONA birth doula. Her dedication to enhancing her skills and knowledge led her to pursue further training as a CAPPA postpartum doula and an ICEA childbirth educator. Today, she imparts her wisdom and expertise as a childbirth educator at the University of Utah Medical Center.

Robynne’s journey as a doula has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the course of her career, she has stood witness to the magic of birth at over 1,000 deliveries, spanning the spectrum from triumphant VBACs to twin deliveries and even navigating complex high-risk situations. Each experience has only deepened her passion for birth and the incredible clients and families she serves.

She extend support beyond childbirth, as she helps new parents navigate the early challenges of parenthood. With empathy and practical advice, she aids in their transition, focusing on infant care and emotional well-being. Her guidance fosters a nurturing environment that strengthens the family bond, making the journey into parenthood smoother and more joyful.

With a deeply respectful approach, she tailors her support to each couple’s unique needs and desires, ensuring they are well-informed and empowered to make the choices that resonate with them.

Robynne also finds immense honor in assisting women from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and faiths as they prepare for their cherished birth experiences. Beyond the birthing room, she extends her support into the postpartum period, often arranging and providing overnight care for her clients. Since 2014, she has collaborated with Angie to offer a comprehensive doula training program, equipping a new generation of doulas with the skills and knowledge needed to make a profound impact in the world of childbirth. Together, they continue to champion the beauty and power of birth. Robynne is a loving mother to five amazing children and has two grandchildren whom she adores.

Get in touch with Robynne: 801-550-6088

Angie Rosier

Angie’s journey as a doula began in 2003, and since then, she’s been on an incredible adventure, supporting over 1,400 births in 38 different hospitals and birth centers across Utah and North Carolina, not to mention numerous home births. Her commitment to her clients shines through in her dedication to spending quality time with each one, helping them navigate the unknowns, and equipping them with the tools they need for a positive birthing experience.

Angie brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice. She holds a master’s degree in Maternal Child Health, with a special focus on social justice. She is a lactation consultant (IBCLC), and holds an ICEA childbirth educator certification and has been DONA-certified. What truly sets Angie apart is her certification as a culturally congruent perinatal doula through Uzazi Village, underscoring her commitment to inclusivity and diversity in her work.

For 15 years, Angie served on the board of the Utah Doula Association, demonstrating her enduring dedication to the doula community. In North Carolina, she spent three years on the steering committee and board of the North Carolina Doula Organization, furthering her commitment to improving birth experiences. Angie’s passion for creating change through awareness drives her work.

In 2014, she established an accredited Birth Learning doula training program with Robynne, assisting dozens of doulas in establishing their own businesses and careers in the field. One of Angie’s most remarkable accomplishments is her personal mentorship of over 70 newer doulas. Her impact on the doula community is both profound and far-reaching.

Since 2009, Angie has been providing invaluable day and nighttime postpartum support, helping families make the transition to life with a newborn smoother and more manageable. Her love for what she does is evident, and she feels deeply honored to be a part of people’s unique birth stories.

Through her extensive work, Angie has accumulated a treasure trove of knowledge and experience that enriches her life and the lives of those she serves. She’s not only a doula but also a devoted mother, with five children ranging from 25 to 9 years old. In Angie, you’ll find a doula who is not only skilled and experienced but also warm, caring, and deeply committed to helping families have the best possible birthing experiences.

Get in touch with Angie: 801-815-6053

Angie Rosier - Birth Learning Doula
Emily Steadman - Birth Learning Doula

Emily Steadman

Emily’s profound connection with pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and the world of babies ignited back in 2011, a pivotal moment as she was gearing up for her nursing school journey. During that transformative time, she serendipitously embarked on a DONA-approved doula and childbirth preparation class to complement her academic pursuits. Little did she know, this marked the beginning of an incredible journey that has left an indelible mark on her life.

Throughout her journey, Emily has been a steadfast source of support for countless women and families across northern Utah and even ventured into Wyoming. Her passion thrives in the company of expectant families, where she offers not only her expertise but also a compassionate guiding hand. Emily’s mission is clear: she’s here to empower families, helping them navigate the labyrinth of choices and options as they embark on their unique journey from pregnancy through birth and into those tender early weeks of parenthood.

In 2013, she took a detour on her path, dedicating a year to midwifery school and spending two transformative years alongside a local Certified Nurse Midwife. Together, they facilitated births in the comforting embrace of homes and birth centers, deepening Emily’s understanding of the sacred birthing experience. However, life had other plans, and the arrival of Emily’s own children in 2014 and 2019, after enduring years of infertility and pregnancy loss, temporarily shifted her focus from midwifery. During this precious time, she reveled in cherishing her sweet girls.

Emily’s journey continued as she evolved in her role as a doula, actively seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge and impact. In 2015, she honed her skills by completing lactation counselor training, reinforcing her commitment to nurturing new families. In 2021, she embarked on a new chapter, delving into community health worker (CHW) training, solidifying her dedication to community health, reproductive justice, equity, education, and advocacy.

Emily’s heart remains tethered to her original purpose—to advocate and provide unwavering support to growing families in the beautiful landscapes of Utah. Her joy lies in assisting families as they welcome their little ones into the world, ensuring they embark on this profound journey with confidence, active involvement, informed choices, and a profound sense of empowerment.

Get in touch with Emily: 801-783-0993

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