Birth Learning Services

Birth, Postpartum, and Lactation Services

Birth Doula Services: $1,700


Our Birth Services include:

Optional free 30 minute consultation

2 prenatal preparation visits - 1.5 to 2 hours each

Doula's presence during labor and birth

Birth story and a keepsake

Prenatal Visits

2 sessions, covering:

Comprehensive education on stages of labor, fetal rotation, and descent

Customized support and development of birth plan

Knowledge of options, comfort measures, and interventions

Preparation for physical and emotional aspects of labor

Postpartum Doula Support
at $350

Monthly cost of formula is $400-$800 or $5-$10 thousand in the first year


Our Postpartum Doula Support include:

Customize your own package

Get professional help at home for infant feeding and newborn care. Our experts provide support to ease your recovery, minimizing postpartum depression and anxiety.

Daytime or Nighttime support available

Postpartum Support Specifics

What you can expect:

We will help you with both physical and emotional recovery

We will help you with newborn care and breastfeeding, making those early days easier for you

We'll provide guidance on nourishing postpartum nutrition and promote healing from childbirth

We'll help facilitate a smooth transition into parenthood, ensuring you feel confident and supported

Lactation Services
at $200

Monthly cost of formula is $400-$800 or $5-$10 thousand in the first year


Our Lactation Services include:

Get support from an IBCLC for your breastfeeding journey.

Learn what to expect with breastfeeding and get individualized support in the early days for a more successful journey

Address challenges that may arise

Lactation Services Specifics

What you can expect:

Prepare during pregnancy with education on what to expect in the first days after birth to minimize challenges

We will provide gentle assistance with proper latch and positioning techniques

We'll share valuable insights on maintaining a healthy milk supply and offer tips on pumping and storing breast milk

Work with an IBCLC to create a plan for challenges that may arise and have follow up care

Breastfeeding can be an emotional journey, and we're here to offer understanding and compassion

We can perform weighted feeds to determine exactly how much milk the baby is getting at the breast

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