Changing your care provider, (doctor or midwife), actually happens more than you would think.  It often seems to occur in the later weeks of pregnancy.  Many women find that as they get closer to delivery they are not getting the support of their care provider concerning items that may be important to them.  Every woman wants to feel as if her desires are taken seriously and that she will be listened to, well cared for, and treated with respect.  Many women find it important to be with a care provider who will fill these needs.  Speak with an experienced doula in your area; she will likely be familiar with the styles and personalities of many local care providers.  Changing is as simple as calling the office of a new care provider you feel more comfortable with, and the office staff often takes care of the transfer of records and information.  Sometimes it is necessary to sign a form but it is usually not a problem.  Some busy care providers, unfortunately, may not even notice losing a patient.  It is better to find out your care provider may not support some of your desires and make a change before it is discovered during labor or when it is too late.  This is a very important day in your life; carefully assemble the birth team that will help you get the best possible experience.

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