A. Britton_0321_B&WGiving birth is a demanding physical feat.  If you were running a race or climbing a mountain peak it would be important to keep yourself nourished and hydrated.  The same is true during labor.  Many hospitals are in the habit of telling laboring women they cannot eat or drink.  They do that so they won’t get sued.  It is important, however, to drink!  Your body will be working hard and will need to stay hydrated.  Many hospitals offer ice chips, sometimes with flavored syrup on them.  Feel free to drink water, a sports drink, or juice.  Sipping frequently is preferred to gulping.  Sometimes women get nauseous during labor and may even vomit, which is very normal.  So, what you eat or drink may come back up but is preferable to vomiting the acids of an empty stomach or bile.  Your body will be working hard, take good care of it!

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