Your care provider is your doctor or midwife.  First of all, decided if you’d like to use a doctor, OBGYN, or a midwife, CNM or DEM.  Educate yourself on the difference.  Many women choose their care provider based on the recommendation of a family member or friend.  Unfortunately insurance policies dictate a good deal of your options in this area.  Whomever you consider, make sure you are comfortable with them before you receive months of prenatal care and then discover it’s not a good match.  Ask about what is important to you.  Ask how often they attend their own deliveries, ask if they’ll support you in your decisions and allow you to be a part of your own birth process.  Talk with other women who have used the doctor or midwife and find out more about what their experience was like.  Talk with an experienced doula in your area.  Remember, just because a friend may have loved this person as a care provider doesn’t mean you will.  There are many good care providers who are skilled at what they do, there are less who are skilled at helping you feel amazing about your experience and respect you as a person.

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