Rhythm is important during labor.  Many women sway.  Some chant.  While it is not necessary, having a mantra can be powerful and help maintain rhythm during each contraction.  I have seen many women naturally and quickly discover a mantra as they are in labor.  Others come up with one before labor.  One woman began repeating “Easy, fast, efficient,” during each contraction.  Another said, “I can do this, I can do this.”  Some have said, “C’mon baby, come out.”  Another woman would count out loud during each contraction.  If she made it to 40, she knew that was an important and efficient (and challenging) contraction.  All of these mantras helped each woman to focus on something and give her a small thing to do, something she could control as her body gave her labor.  You could choose to prepare a mantra that may be used during labor.  It should be a positive and short statement, one that can easily be repeated.

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