Overnight Newborn/Infant Care Service

Proudly serving the Wasatch Front: Ogden, Salt Lake, Park City, Provo and surrounding areas.

Birth Learning Overnight Newborn/Infant Care Service provides support and assistance to you–parents of newborns during the night, so you can get the rest you need to take care of your baby during the day. Newborns have round-the-clock needs, including feeding, diaper changes, and soothing, which can be exhausting for new parents. We provide guidance and advice on newborn care and help establish healthy sleep habits for the baby. Overall, the objective is to ensure that both your baby and you get the care and rest you need during this crucial period.

Our Overnight Newborn/Infant Care service is available at a rate of $350 for a duration of 8 hours during the nighttime.

Birth Learning Doula Services: $1600

Repeat clients pay $1200


Our doula services include:

Optional free 30 minute consultation

2 prenatal preparation visits in your home

Doula's presence during labor and birth

Birth story and a keepsake

Prenatal Visits

Two 2-hour sessions, covering:

Prenatal preparation for labor and delivery

Goals and birth preferences

Coping techniques, physiology, and anatomy

Positions for labor and birth

Unlimited Contact

Via email, text, or phone, related to:


Labor and birth

Postpartum recovery

Breastfeeding and infant care

Additional Doula Services

Contact us for more information about our additional services.

Private childbirth education

  • 2 2-hour sessions
  • $225.00

Placenta encapsulation/tincture services: $250.00

In-home lactation consultation: $100.00

Newborn/infant overnight care

  • 8 hours overnight care
  • $350.00

Birth Learning Virtual Doula Services: $1000

Virtual Doula Services includes everything in our Doula Services, but done remotely with the following modifications

Doula's availability

Advocacy questions for best labor strategies and empowering questions to ask

2 prenatal preparation via phone or video

Optional in-person support at home in early labor

Full access to your doula's knowledge and expertise

Guidance for use of coping tools and labor positions

Continued virtual doula support in the hospital setting via phone or video

Hi, I’m Robynne Carter

After assisting friends and family in childbirth for over 25 years, I was drawn to doula work and certified as a DONA birth doula in 2010. I’m also trained as a CAPPA postpartum doula and an ICEA childbirth educator, teaching at University of Utah Medical Center. I’ve attended over 700 births including many successful VBACs, twins, and various high-risk situations. I love birth and the wonderful women and families I serve. My favorite part of being a doula is nurturing women as they transform into mothers. I also enjoy assisting partner involvement during labor. I cherish the pivotal experience of giving birth and strive to create positive, lasting memories. I enjoy preparing and supporting each couple respectfully and with the information they seek. Helping women of any background, culture, or faith to prepare for their cherished birth is an honor. I also enjoy supporting the postpartum period and assist with and arrange overnight postpartum care for many of our clients. Since 2014 Angie and I have been able to provide a comprehensive advanced doula training to dozens of newer doulas. I have been on the board of the Utah Doula Association for 8 years and serve as a volunteer in the University of Utah Hospital volunteer doula program. I have five wonderful children of my own and an incredibly supportive husband. Call Robynne: 801.550.6088

Hi, I’m Angie Rosier

I’ve been a doula in Salt Lake City, UT, since 2003 and have supported over 1,000 couples during childbirth. I have been DONA certified and have assisted at births in 18 area hospitals, 5 local birth centers, and many homes. I enjoy spending time with each couple, helping them learn what to expect and gain useful tools for positive childbirth. I’ve served on the Utah Doula Association board for 15 years, most recently as its president in 2018. I am an ICEA childbirth educator and enjoy affecting positive change through empowering education. I have a passion for helping newer doulas gain experience and build their own business and in 2014 created an accredited advanced doula training which Robynne and I teach. We have also supported many families in the postpartum period with overnight care. I love, love, love this work and feel honored to be a part of Birth. My clients and students have taught me so much and enriched my life. I have five awesome kids who keep me busy and I’m married to a wonderful man who supports me in every endeavor. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Studies from Weber State University. Call Angie: 801.815.6053

Hi, I’m Aunika Kidd

I have supported women and their families in birth for the last 15 years. I have learned through trainings, books, lectures, certifications, and conferences about birth, babies, breastfeeding, and hormones. I have learned about supporting birth as a board member of the Utah Doula Association, in working with the Birthcare Healthcare midwives and their support programs, as an ICEA Childbirth Educator at the University of Utah Healthcare, an ICEA certified Birth Doula, and working as a postpartum doula. It has been through the families I have served, however, that I have truly learned about women, babies, partners, and the needs they have during this life-changing event. It was through the transformation I experienced with the birth of my two boys that I learned birth is tough, birth is beautiful, birth is a pivotal experience. Most of all I learned firsthand – we can birth our babies! I know with knowledge, support, and asking the right questions- women can obtain joyful birth memories. I love to be the soft voice and the firm hands to hold, protect, and reassuring throughout the entire process. As an educator, I love to plant little seeds of knowledge which empower. I have two rambunctious young boys and labored a very long time for my first beautiful baby boy – it was my dream birth. Just 13 short months later I experienced another perfect birth, this time with a very short labor. I have dealt with postpartum depression, and I am a woman who balances mothering, being a wife, being myself, and working. I am a woman who loves people and wishes for every woman her perfect dream birth!

Hi, I’m Emily Steadman

My passion for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and babies came together in 2011 when I was preparing to enter nursing school and took a DONA approved doula and childbirth preparation class to fill a hole in my semester. What an amazing journey it has been ever since! I have served hundreds of women and families throughout northern Utah and even Wyoming. I enjoy seeing expectant families in their own home, providing education, helping to navigate the many choices and options, and supporting them and their unique journey from pregnancy through birth and those early weeks of parenthood. In 2013 I completed a year of midwifery school and spent 2 years with a local Certified Nurse Midwife, assisting with births in a home and birth center environment. Then in 2014, we welcomed our first and only child after years of infertility and pregnancy loss. That put my career as a midwife on hold as I took the time to cherish this sweet and special time in life. I have continued my work as a doula throughout and in 2015 also completed additional training as a lactation counselor. I love helping families feel confident, informed, and empowered as they embark on one of life’s most beautiful, unique, and often challenging times, the addition of a new baby.

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What Mothers Say About Our Doula Services

“Having a doula was one of the best choices I ever made toward achieving my goal to have a VBAC. Thank you Robynne for making my dream birth a reality. My husband also raves about you to all his guy friends and recommends you frequently.”

 K. Y.

“Robynne was an invaluable resource in my planned home birth. Her expertise as a doula and years of experience allowed her to support me physically, emotionally, and mentally during my 50-hour labor. Robynne has a special gift that enables her to intuitively know what each women needs during each stage. She truly was my saving grace in the most challenging times during my labor and I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her support.”

S. B.

Angie was incredible support leading up to, during and after delivery of our baby girl. She has an intelligence and strength that we were so grateful for when things didn’t go as planned with my birth – and with that she was able to employ skills that avoided me requiring a C-section. Angie helped us prepare with as much confidence as I could have hoped for. If we are lucky enough to have a second baby we will be calling on her again.

Kathy R.

We are so thankful for Angie’s amazing support throughout my pregnancy and birth. We always knew we wanted to have a natural childbirth but I honestly can’t imagine having our baby without Angie’s guidance and expertise. She was caring, strong, thoughtful and truly helped make the whole experience even more magical. She is a wonderful person and doula.

Amanda H.

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