Some couples are interested in recording the labor and delivery of their baby.  Here are a few tips:  have someone specifically assigned to this job.  It is difficult for a partner to be a support person and record the events of the day.  Realize that the process can take quite a long time.  No one is ever going to watch 7 hours of footage, so carefully choose what you will record—and your battery will likely not be available for the most important part—the birth.  You can get a good representation of a labor in much less than 30 minutes of footage.  Record a few seconds or moments whenever there is a change in what is happening.  For instance, if the mom is sitting on the birth ball, record a few seconds of that.  Perhaps she moves to the tub or kneels on the bed for a time.  It is a good idea to start your recording each time on the wall clock then pan to the mother and her support team.  This will give you a chronology of the events.  Be aware and sensitive to what the mother is comfortable having recorded.  Some women prefer the full vantage point, others do not.  An entire birth can be recorded discreetly from the mother’s shoulder if desired.  Also be aware that the pushing stage for a first time mother can be near two hours, don’t waste your battery.  This can become a treasure for years to come.

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