As the process of labor unfolds couples are often presented with decisions.  Your nurse or doctor/midwife may present a choice to you.  Or, it may not be presented as a choice.  Whatever may be presented it is important that you understand what will be done and why, and that it is done with your permission.  Ask what risks are involved.  Ask what the benefits are.  Ask what your other options or alternatives may be.  In most all cases, you can request a few moments to “think about it.”  In rare cases of extreme emergency there may not be time for this discussion and you completely hand care over to the capable hands of trained medical officials.  Having a doula present can help you navigate the sometimes complex journey of labor and birth.  As women are made to be a part of the decision-making process, they are much more likely to have a positive birth experience.

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Birth Learning has been honored with the Best Doula award at the 2023 Best of Utah - Body & Mind Awards.

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