Using a birth ball (exercise ball) can be helpful during pregnancy and during labor.  Sitting R. brittonFAM_8211_B&Won the ball keeps the pelvis flexible and open.  It also puts the body in a modified and supported squat position which helps create just a little bit more room for baby.  Towards the end of your pregnancy, if you need to sit for prolonged periods of time, sit on a birth ball.  During labor, use a birth ball to help encourage the baby to descend.  Be sure you are well supported with your own feet and someone behind you if necessary.  Doing figure-eight motions will help create more possible pathways for your baby to fit his/her cute little head into the pelvis.  Many women will sit on the birth ball and lean forward onto a raised hospital bed and rock back and forth as they labor.  The birth ball can also be used to lean onto with your arms/upper body as you are kneeling on the floor or bed.  Ask if your hospital has birth balls on their Labor and Delivery units.  They can also be purchased at a sporting goods store for between $20-30.  Get rockin’ on a ball!

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