DSC_5770After labor begins, when is a good time to go to the hospital?  Should you go at the first twinge of a contraction?  Likely you will be excited but if you rush to the hospital too early you may get sent home.  The early stage of labor can be long and quite boring.  Contractions may be coming every 15 minutes.  If it is the middle of the night you can still rest for 14 out of 15 minutes.  If it is during the day you’ll likely be able to carry on normal activities until labor progresses more.  A good text book answer about when to go to the birth facility is when contractions are 3 to 5 minutes apart and lasting over 60 seconds, (whether you are lying down or up and about), and that pattern lasts for over an hour.  Keep in mind, however, that this pattern could last for hours.  Another good indicator is when the laboring woman becomes more serious and shows emotional sign posts that labor is progressing.  She may become more quiet or internal.  Each contraction will take her full attention and focus and she won’t be able to talk during a surge.  Remember that labor is a process that can take hours so be patient and allow your body to work.

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