Check with your birthing facility, some hospitals may have rules about how many people may be in a delivery room.  A woman in labor will need to feel very comfortable emotionally and mentally.  As you consider who you may want to invite, make sure you have only “comfortable” people there.  Some family members or friends may not be supportive of your labor or birth choices; they may not be very helpful in the room.  It can be a good idea to give everyone a job such as taking pictures, recording events on paper or video, getting ice or water, keeping in contact with other family or friends, etc.  Sometimes having a specific task can help the guest at the birth feel appropriately involved and useful.  It’s a good idea to let everyone know ahead of time this simple rule; if at any time the laboring woman changes her mind and asks anyone to step out, that her request is immediately honored.  It is a great privilege to be present when a baby is born.

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