R. brittonFAM_8206_B&WWho will deliver your baby?  Many couples carefully choose their doctor, spend months visiting with this person and getting to know them, only to find that when they go to the hospital in labor their doctor is not on call and won’t be delivering their baby.  It is common in many practices for partners to share call.  Make sure you are aware of whether or not your doctor will come to your delivery regardless of the day of the week, weekend, holiday, or middle of the night.  If you doctor may not be there, ask who may be and if they will be supportive of your desires.  Usually partners in a practice share a similar philosophy and style.  Asking this question ahead of time can help to avoid a sometimes frustrating surprise.

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Birth Learning has been honored with the Best Doula award at the 2023 Best of Utah - Body & Mind Awards.

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